Cookie Policy

How Do Cookies Work?

If you permit, a website or its service provider will transmit tiny files to your computer's hard drive that will let the system identify your browser and save certain data. For instance, cookies are used by to keep track of the products we have in our purchase basket. To better serve you, we can understand your recent site behaviour thanks to the cookies. Additionally, we collect statistics on site activity and traffic via cookies.

How Are Cookies Used?

Cookies serve the following purposes for us:

  • Keep track of what is in your purchasing basket.
  • to keep track of promos and ads.
  • To enhance our services, we must comprehend your recent site activity.
  • assemble overall statistics on-site activity and traffic.

If You Don't Want Cookies, How Do You Set Them?

You have the option of having your computer alert you each time a cookie is transmitted, or you can simply decide to turn off all cookies. You may set cookies through the browser settings. You may check your browser's Help menu to understand the best approach to change cookies because each browser is a little bit different from the others. We don't track signals or set cookies while a Do Not Track (DNT) browser feature is active.

The following provides guidance on how to deal with cookies for various programmes:

  • Using Chrome
  • Internet Browser
  • Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera for Android

Additional programmes should be available in the documentation that your application's developer has given. On Google Analytics' website, third-party cookies can be disabled.

By using the promotion servers run by the Digital Advertising Alliance, you may always choose not to receive interest-based advertising. You may modify the settings on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to choose whether or not you want to view online interest-based advertising.

Don't forget that! You run the risk of lowering the quality of your overall customer experience and losing access to services that are not customised for you if you block the ability for websites and applications to set cookies. Additionally, it can prevent you from saving current login details.

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